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Tam Lin in Movies and Video

Tam Lin in Video and Movies

This section is intended for versions of the story that are primarily video- not video records of ballad performances. Please see ballad versions with associated videos or musical listings for that information.

Tam Lin Movies

Completed movies are detailed on separate pages.

Tam Lin (1970)

From Tam Lin movie 1970 1970, alternate title The Devil's Widow. (more)

Tam Lin (1985)

From Tam Lin movie 1985 1985, unreleased. (more)

Shorts and Animation

Russian Version

(If any Russian speakers would like to provide a transcription, I would be thrilled. I've been informed it's a recitation of a version of the ballad, but I don't know more.)

Tam Lin: The Game, Trailer

From here, credited as "A game by Richard Emms and Robyn Gray, with music by Philip Eberhart" the video says it’s a trailer for a game based on Tam Lin, but it’s not clear if the trailer alone is the project, or if the game genuinely exists.

Other Movies - incomplete

The Chagford Filmmaking Group (2015?)

status: As of October 2014, in post-production

See the trailer:

More on the group's website.

Lift My Sorrowed Heart

Status: Unknown, last update 2009

A short from the filming, titled An Unhappy Medium, is available here:

"The Unhappy Medium" from Chelsea Spear on Vimeo.

Storyteller Videos

Tam Linn by Marjory Boyle Crooks

Storyteller Marjory Boyle Crooks gives a fleshed out version of the tale behind the ballad

youtube link


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