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February 2016

August 2015

  • New Tam Lin-inspired song, Tam Lin of the Elves, by Drake the Bard, added to transformative section

June 2015

May 2015

  • New artwork, 'Tam Lin watercolour painting', by Silvia Dotti added to the artwork page
  • New artwork, 'Lady Margaret, Lady Margaret', by Flibertyjibbeth added to the artwork page
  • New artwork, 'Tam Lin', by Anne Kelley, added to the artwork page

April 2015

  • New artwork, 'Tam Lin', Grace Robert added to the artwork page
  • New artwork, 'Embracing Tam Lin' by Amanda Bates added to the artwork page

March 2015

February 2015

  • Added images to the website for each section.

December 2014

November 2014

October 2014

  • Added artwork Tam Lin by Cassie Blue to artwork section
  • Rewrote/Added Reference list, listing and examination of Tam Lin in anthologies, articles, and dissertations
  • Rewrote/Added Fiction list, listing and commentary on Tam Lin retellings in prose and play
  • Added Doug Bischoff version to the collection
  • Added William Aytoun version to the collection.
  • Added Transformative section for Artwork and Fanfiction
  • Added Library section for books and reference information
  • Rewrote/Added Music sections for musical notation, listing of recordings, and links to performances. Still working on this a bit.
  • Added Anaïs Mitchell version to the collection.

September 2014

August 2014

  • Updated Symbols in Tam Lin in analysis section
  • Added videos to individual version pages, added notation to versions index to denote versions with available videos
  • Relaunched site with new design

Prior to August 2014, an overview

The earliest pages on this site were originally written in 1996, and at this domain name since 1998. Over the years the site has grown, crashed, been rebuilt, had numerous sections rewritten, and crashed again. It was heavily neglected from around 2007-2014, when my life was busy in other areas, and when I went to look at it again, I found that the hosting company had gone out of business and many of the files were lost. Those that I still had in backup were badly outdated in terms of presentation, strictness of coding, and general quality. Both the web standards and my own had significantly improved, and so the site needed to be redone before it could be relaunched. I removed any of the personal content, or any material I could not update properly. A number of the previous pages were split into several new ones to provide more logical structure, and the vast majority were renamed and reorganized to reflect a more coherent organizational system. Below is a brief record of the site, for general reference.

  • October 2006: Added McIntrye version. Added McDonald version.
  • November 2005: Host deletes website. Second major migration and re-org.
  • October 2004: Added MacColl version.
  • September 2004: Added Medaeval Baebes version
  • July 2004: Added artwork section
  • December 2003: Added related tale Lady Isobel and the Elfin Knight
  • October 2003: Added Italian translation of Tam Lin to site
  • July 2003: Added Child's text on Thomas the Rhymer
  • February 2003: Added Scott text. Added Child text
  • January 2003: Added eScotland version.
  • January 2002: : Added McMath version.
  • July 2001: Added Pyewackett version. Added Broadside Electric version.
  • March 2001: Added Carterhaugh and Families pages to Scotland section. Added related tales Cupid and Psyche, Allison Gross, The Wee Wee Man, Fundevogel, and The Broomfield Wager.
  • February 2001: Added related tale Childe Rowland. Added related tale Burd Ellen and Tamlane. Added related tale The Quiet Mists of Morning.
  • January 2001: Added Pentangle version. Added Jovanovic version. Added parodies
  • August 2000: Added Scotland section. Added phylogeny page.
  • October 1999: Added Arthur version. Added Anne Briggs version. Added Rick Lee version. Added Morton version.
  • June 1999: Added Greig-Duncan version. Added Oxford Book of Ballads version. Added storyline analysis.
  • November 1998: Added musical notation pages
  • April 1998: : Added Watersons version. Added Frankie Armstrong version. Added Kesselman version. Bought domain names Tam-lin.org and tamlin.org. First major migration and re-org.
  • March 1998: Added R. J. Stewart version
  • January 1998: Added related tale Alice Brand
  • December 1997: Added related tale The King's Daughter Jane
  • November 1997: : Added Bronson version
  • October 1997: Added Child's versions to site. Started listing known recordings of the ballad.
  • Sept 1997: Original single page, hosted at workplace, comparing Tam Lin to related tales Beauty and the Beast, Thomas the Rhymer, and The Faerie Oak of CorrieWater. Versions Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Digital Traditions, Jennifer Holm added. Started tracking books listing versions.

Tam Lin News elsewhere on the web (archive)

January 2016

December 2015

August 2015

May 2015

April 2015

  • Zach Hill will have a show of work based on the Child Ballads at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) [501 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404] from 4/19 to 5/10 with an opening reception on 4/25 at noon.

March 2015

February 2015

  • A new play, TRACES, written by Shannon Pritchard and produced by Feast productions, based on Tam Lin, is premiering in Chicago this March 6-28, 2015. Check it out.